Helmut Kohl exchancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany once said A people who do not know their history can not understand the present or build the future.

Most Mexicans and, in general, Latin Americans ignore their own history. Most of them believe that the present world was created out of thin air, and they are simply unable to imagine a world that works in a different way than today.

In the current worldview of the Mexican there are only two worlds, the own and the United States.
From this point of view Mexico is the country where the government is corrupt, where there is no money, and where nothing can be done to thrive, the United States is the place where there is a lot of money where everybody prosper and where the government is Honest and sensitive to the needs of its citizens.
And the cities of the border function like the Christian limbo, that is to say they are places that neither are of Mexico nor they are of United States.

Few Mexicans themselves are questioning why this current status quo is so unfair to them. Many believe that simply Americans are beings from other planet who have known how to choose good governments and that in contrast Mexico has always had inept and corrupt governments that have plunged the country into the reality of today.

However the truth is that the current system has only a little more than 70 years of existence, and that the only reason the United States is the world potency is because they are the ones that print the dollars and in this way force the rest The world to subsidize them.

Mexico was once one of the most prosperous regions that humanity has ever known.
For the year 1492 when America was officially discovered, the valley of Mexico was home to one of the most populous cities in the world, the great Tenochtitlan. And in that same year the island of Manhattan was still territory of the American Bison.

Between centuries 16 and 19 the New Spain as it was denominated at that time to what today is Mexico possessed within its territory mining cities as rich as Guanajuato, Zacatecas, San Luis Potosi or Real of the mount.

In fact at that time the official currency of New Spain and the Kingdom of Spain was the spanish dollar that was a silver coin that circulated not only in Spanish territory but even the United States used it as official currency until the year of 1857.

New Spain silver came to be used massively in China, the Philippines, the United States and Europe.

Yes, you are listening to it, there was a time when the currency circulating in Mexico was much more valuable than the American dollar. And this was because basically the thirteen colonies did not have a great mining development, but in its beginnings they were dedicated to the agriculture and the cattle ranch.

In other words, for more than 300 years, the United States was a relatively poor nation where there was not an abundance of wealth that was found in places like New Spain or Peru.

So far the serious question, what happened to us, what we did wrong, and why the papers were invested in only 100 years.

The answer to all this series of questions is in the Spain of that time. Spain was a nation that mismanaged all the resources it extracted from its colonies in America. For the Spain of that time what was important was not the industrial development of their country or America, for Spain what was important was to use all the resources extracted from their colonies to defend the holy Catholic Church from the threat posed by Protestantism.

According to the worldview of the Spaniards of that time if God had not created the machines then it was simply because God considered that man did not need them. According to this vision a city like the island of Manhattan when constructing its enormous skyscrapers is simply defying God as the ancients did when constructing the tower of Babel.

So if you were born poor it was because the will of God so desired and therefore the best you could do was enjoy their poverty and misery to someday reach heaven.

The kings of Spain spent enormous fortunes throughout a series of wars by religion. Meanwhile Great Britain, France, Holland, Germany bet their capitals to their industrial development.

In Spain of that time it was badly seen to develop the industry. All the capital that came to the colonial metropolis simply was spent on activities that did not produce any kind of wealth. In fact at that time if you were Spanish your options to get ahead were only either to go to the clergy, or to the army, or buy a title of noble like the hidalguía not to pay taxes, or travel to America to seek fortune as a miner.

The kings of Spain at that time influenced by their religious fanaticism were eager to develop the industry, because when a country develops industrially the peasants become workers and begin to demand rights, and no one wanted it because it would endanger the nobility and clergy .

In this way, he wagered on the following strategy to extract silver from his American colonies and buy manufactured goods from France, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, or anyone else. Thus the silver of the American colonies contributed to the development of Europe with the exception of Spain itself.

This plan was perfect for a long time due to the abundance of resources that existed in the new continent. Many believed that silver in America was almost infinite and therefore the nobility of that time simply dedicated to live their dream of making great parties and buying large properties.

Obviously when the kingdom of Spain entered crisis, and was invaded by Napoleon Bonaparte realized that simply had come its decline and its decline. The biggest mistake of the Spanish Empire was to depend 100 percent of the silver extraction, and when this activity collapses the ruin very unavoidable.

Mexico in its part finished the colonial era would face a whole series of internal disputes that would stop all its economic development. Meanwhile the United States would achieve a healthy independence and would launch with all industrial development.

In this way the United States, seeing a country as divided as Mexico did what anyone would have done that was to seize half the territory of the Aztec nation. In this way the American union was made with states as rich as California and Texas, but without before having taken to him the control of Florida to Spain.

However Mexico would know a new era of splendor with the rise to power of Porfirio Diaz, a ruler who would have the titanic task of industrializing the country. Unfortunately industrial development generates a series of social tensions that would end at the beginning of the Mexican revolution and in the case of the United States in its war of secession.

This is when the United States would really take a big advantage for the first time with Mexico. With the triumph of the revolution in Mexico the country would lose its silver coin in 1933, and would submit to using simple paper banknotes issued by the central bank.

And for practical purposes when the United States managed to get the dollar as the world's reserve currency, it became the world's leading power. And Mexico, losing its silver coin and using a fiat currency, plunged into a series of devaluations that would make millions of Mexicans march to the United States in search of the American dream.

In conclusion, this video explains in a few words how Mexico was once a nation more prosperous than the United States itself. The reason for the failure of Mexico, Spain and Latin America in general is found in the religious fanaticism of its local elite, and in the fact that it has always been privileged in these countries to maintain the status quo at whatever cost is necessary. Even Benito Juarez would say The Indians need a religion that teaches them to read and not one that forces them to spend their savings on buying candles for the saints.
And if you ask yourself how you can thrive in this life the answer is very simple, so only putting aside our most absurd fears.